26 Brilliant Ink Colors

Ink sold in units or singles

Instant drying, non-hazardous, non-clogging, non-flammable, environmentally safe and much more.

All Felt Markers

Refillable high-quality markers

High quality plastic components guaranteed for a lifetime against splitting or cracking under normal use.

Beautiful Marketing Jobs

Outstanding ink colors

With over 26 brilliant colors, you can create your own colorful marketing designs and signs.

Specializing in Ink over 50 Years

We are a small innovative team of Ink and Sign Making professionals who do not fear change and go the extra mile to give old fashioned service while providing the highest quality ink and sign making products for the lowest possible price in the new millennium.  We work together to exceed our customer's expectations!!!  Good is not  enough...we strive for excellence. 

We won't stop short of continuing to be the best in the industry! Bigger is NOT better as far as Color Works is concerned, we believe team work, customer focus along with integrity equals excellence. This along with high quality products and fair prices have sustained us and we believe this will continue to keep us on the cutting edge for competition.

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